Developing 3D interactive solutions for iPhone and iPad

i3dLife digitize rare, fragile, priceless objects, and collections. i3dLife generate 3D digital assets on your premises with a portable scanning system, and then we help clients to monetize them.

After 18 months of development, and several years of planning, i3dLife, has been launched to create interactive 3D digital content for publishers and collection owners. Following a worldwide launch at the Barbican in London and The Aviva Stadium in Dublin in June and July, i3dLife are in consultation with News International and several large international museums including the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Though 3D scanning has been around for some time, i3dLife are the first organisation in the world to offer this service on an industrial scale – generating compelling content within days rather than months, and sometimes years. The service is unique in approach and methodology, creating sub-millimetre accurate, digitised copies of rare and fragile objects.

Typical clients are publishers, museums, archives, or collection owners – seeking to generate income from their objects. With a rapidly growing market, the company are also creating content for global asset banks, and online media libraries.

i3dLife can guide clients to delivering their content to the world. The company have already produced demonstration applications for iPhone and iPad, and have produced a medical e-learning website containing some of the rarest specimens in the world.

“There are other solutions, but none have the flexibility to deliver fully immersive content, and no one but i3dLife have yet delivered to the scale and quality that we have.”

“We’ve developed iPhone and iPad apps, online CPD tests, and even haptics workstations – which allow users to ‘touch’ virtual objects. With one of our partners we have now created interactive real time 3D content, that can be examined with a simple gaming handset. And we are developing augmented reality solutions…

“These are exciting times for producing 3D digital content, and i3dLife are positioned to help our clients monetize their assets. We have already created the platforms for delivery, and we have within a short space of time from launch, seen a great deal of international interest in our products.

In a few months we will be ready to launch to the US and are planning attending Visual Connection in New York in October. It will be a fantastic opportunity for us and one we are very much looking forward to.”

Based in Altrincham, the company utilises the skills of local companies Virtual Planit and FunkdaWeb, and has technical support in London and Belgium.

For further information please visit the website which contains animations and demonstrations of these unique products.