All Planit’s projects embody the idea of ‘joined up thinking’, ensuring that the inter-relationship between man and his surroundings is acknowledged and built upon.

So much of our environment is a product of the inter-relationship between buildings and their surroundings, and Landscape and Urban Design issues form the success of any built development… separating the two will only lead to a collection of isolated design statements. Planit’s approach is always to draw upon the existing qualities of any site, and to use these as the building blocks for design.

Planit’s passion for design is evident in all layers of it’s work and they thrive in the multidisciplinary environment. Planit promote the concept of added value, achieved by thorough assessment of constraints and opportunities, understanding the client’s perspective, and considering the most appropriate course of action. It is always Planit’s intention to work alongside the team and client representatives to create a vision for a viable, and sustainable solution.

Planit IE is a member of the Planit Group of companies.