Ince Park Helicopter Shoot

Following a huge amount of organisation getting all the gear in the same place at the right time, our video shoot for Ince Park took place yesterday. Part of the delay was that the Hi Def fixed rig film camera was already booked for the Belgian Grand Prix, so we had to wait for it to come back. Getting Mike the cameraman, and Will the (ex-forces) helicopter pilot, together with Chris also proved to be equally logistically difficult.

The shoot took about 2 hours, and we collected a fabulous journey along the Manchester Ship Canal starting out at sea off Liverpool, finishing up at Media City in Salford. Taking in a few important strategic sites along the way.

We hope to have the completed video ready for our client in a week, so we’ll keep you posted.

Art directing a pilot and a cameraman at the same time is a serious business! 😉

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